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  • Coach was founded in 1941
    In a loft on Manhattan's 34th Street, New York City as a partnership called the Gail Leather Products. Gail Leather Products began as a family-owned business, with six leatherworkers who made leather wallets and billfolds by hand.

  • As of 2012
    There are over 600 Coach stores in the United States and Canada, with more expected to open this calendar . In addition, Coach has built a strong presence in the U.S. through Coach boutiques located within select department stores and specialty retailer locations.

Counterfeit Education

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To counterfeit means to imitate something. Counterfeit products are fake replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of clothing, handbags, shoes, pharmaceuticals, aviation and automobile parts, watches, electronics, software, works of art, toys, movies.[1] Counterfeit products tend to have fake company logos and brands. In the case of goods, it results in patent infringement or trademark infringement.


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